Le Mac multiplies solutions for multi-packs

Le Mac multiplies solutions for multi-packs

With increased demand for consumer convenience and cost-effective bulk buying, multi-packing is becoming a key tool for the food and beverage sector.

Le Mac has expanded its range of multi-packing solutions to the beverage sector beyond the core product of multi-pack shrink sleeves.

“The application of bulk-buying in Australia through new retailers such as Costco will necessitate more convenient multi-pack carrying solutions," the company's managing director Mike Cowan says, "and Le Mac has a range to suit most products.”

Sleevepack, CEFMA tape handle and Ezi-carry handles are globally sourced solutions that have been tailored to the Australian market by Le Mac.

Sleevepack is a patented system utilising shrink sleeves to multi-pack two, three or four plastic bottles. It consists of a shrink sleeve with perforations and adhesive, so that the multi-pack also becomes the primary label for each individual bottle. When the multi-pack is broken into individual units, a portion of the sleeve remains adhered to each bottle. The end result not only includes increased billboard space for the brand, but an estimated 30 to 60 percent cost saving to the brand owner, compared to using standard labels with a multi-pack sleeve.

The CEFMA tape handle system is composed of adhesive tapes and a printed paper or plastic handle, which can be applied manually or automatically. Bottles and containers are typically multi-packed using shrink film and the CEFMA tape handle is then applied over the top. This provides ease of carrying so consumers don't have to struggle to grip bulky multi-packs.

Ezi-carry handles are made with a 100% recyclable thermoformed HPDE and are available for single bottles as well as two, three, four, six and eight packs. Designed with carrying comfort in mind, the Ezi-carry handles can be customised in any PMS colour and can be manufactured for specific bottle sizes. A range of application equipment is available, from an entry level manual applicator to fully automated inline application systems.

From Food & Drink Business magazine, September 2011

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