LSL 125 linerless self-adhesive label application system

Le Mac LSL 125 linerless self-adhesive label application system

The LSL 125 linerless label application system has been designed to give advantages to both packers and retailers. It is designed for top-only application of linerless labels to trays.

It uses special environmentally-friendly labels with no wasteful non-recyclable backing material. Absence of backing material has the additional advantage of making reel changes easier and quicker, with no need to thread a take up reel.

The unique label construction allows for easily legible black reverse print.

The linerless labels can be made from slightly thicker material than normal, minimising wrinkling on application. A ranger of other materials may be used, for example OPP.

Thermal transfer overprinters from a range of manufacturers can be optionally fitted. These print at the point of application, minimising wasteful printed labels on changeovers. The labeller can be interfaced with a weighing machine to print variable data if required.

Please contact us for more information on linerless self-adhesive label application systems to suit your needs.

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