LSL 400V linerless self-adhesive label application system

Le Mac LSL 400V linerless self-adhesive label application system

The LSL 400V is an addition to the successful LSL range of label applicators and has been designed for c-wrap application of linerless self-adhesive labels.

As well as c-wrapping regular shaped packs it is capable of labelling irregular packs such as whole birds, pizzas and breads.

It has been designed to have control of both ends of the label in the feed system, improving positional accuracy of the label around the package.

The feed system is independent of label length and conveyor speed, hence allowing longer labels to be run without loss of throughput, a great improvement over other solutions. With ever increasing label information, and hence length, this can help productivity.

The low-level label reel mounting system is designed to reduce the height to which label reels must be lifted by operators. The absence of backing material has the advantage of making reel changes quicker and easier, with no need to thread a take up reel.

The linerless labels can be made from slightly thicker than normal material, minimizing wrinkling on application.

Thermal transfer overprinters from a range of manufacturers can be optionally fitted. These print at the point of application, minimising wasteful printed labels on changeovers. The LSL 400V can also be interfaced with a weighing machine to print variable data if required.

Please contact us for more information on linerless self-adhesive label application systems to suit your needs.

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