LSL Bottle Labelling - LSL 400B

LSL 400B

The LSL 400B is a line extension of the successful range of LSL applicators used to apply linerless labels to trays, taking advantage of the proven LSL application technology to apply linerless labels to bottles.

The unique feed system of the LSL 400B enables high speeds coupled with the benefits of LSL having more labels on each roll. The labels are supplied in wide-edge leading format which minimises the length of material to be fed for the side application of a wraparound label. After the label is cut from the reel, it is applied to the bottle on a standard conveyor.

As LSL does away with the siliconised liner material, changeover time is reduced and liner breakage issues are eliminated with the LSL 400B. Changeover time is reduced as there is no need to thread a take-up reel for waste liner material, and there are no die-cut problems which tend to be evident with conventional pressure sensitive label applicators.

Labels may be supplied in a range of weight and materials, including paper and polypropylene. Transparent labels may also be produced and applied. The LSL 400B is capable of applying linerless labels to round and square bottles at speeds of up to 180 per minute.

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