POTentials - printed plant/flower/herb pots


Vibrant and custom-made to match your needs, POTentials by Le Mac open a world of creative possibilities for new plant introductions, national and regional promotions and product branding campaigns. Bold designs, vivid colour and crisp text combine to deliver customised packaging that get your plants noticed and helps to increase your sales!

POTentials are moulded to shape so that the pots nest for distribution, and the label becomes the pot. They are ideal for perennials, herbs, vegetables and other plants. POTentials may be used to create a dynamic display with full-colour photos, illustrations, text and logos, plus barcodes. Additionally, you can include valuable planting and care instructions directly on the pot. POTentials are available in a range of sizes.

POTentials are made from EarthFirst PLA shrink film which in turn is made from the sustainable resource corn. Additionally, there is an estimated decrease of 44% in greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of 36% less oil is realised when producing the resin in the manufacturing of the film. As well as utilising sustainable resources, POTentials allow for a small carbon footprint because of their light weight and a resultant reduction in transportation costs.

There are both short and long run print capabilities with POTentials. Our Short Run Inkjet Digital Printing provides a durable 360-degree label which resists scratching, is light-fast when exposed to UV light and withstands exposure to moisture, heat & handling. These can customised to reflect specific plant species, nurseries and other variable data.

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