Scratch and Reveal - promotional scratch tickets

SScratch and Reveal - promotional scratch tickets

New and exciting manufacturing technologies allow us to bring to life the interactive possibilities that will redefine the “Scratch and Win” concepts used to promote your business and products.

Engage existing customers and attract new ones – stimulate sales in B2B or B2C environments with collect format scratch ticket promotions which encourage repeat purchase. Couple this with interaction between the scratch promotion and your website or social media presences and the result is a synchronized promotion which stimulates sales as well as driving web traffic and increasing brand loyalty.

Capture a database of your existing and potential customers by incorporating the collection of their information with the incentive of your scratch promotion. Not only will you see the immediate benefits of a scratch promotion through increased sales and brand awareness, but also the long-term benefits of a customer database for future marketing efforts.

Take advantage of the existing awareness and advertising of government lottery scratchies. Your scratch ticket promotion will have a high perceived value when customers receive them at no cost and can win real prizes.

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