Short-Run, Plate-Less Inkjet Digital Printing

Short-run, plate-less inkjet digital printing

The Dotrix digital printing press is capable of printing short runs using single-pass inkjet to print from CMYK process with UV inks. Additional flexo stations are also used for whites and Special Effects and Finishes.

Dotrix digital printing press

The key benefits of this print technology are:
- Short runs
- Customised decoration (on shrink sleeves, LSL, roll-fed labels and other products)
- Consecutive different designs (each subsequent repeat may be different from the previous one, and various SKUs may be included in one print run)
- Limited use of printing plates, therefore reduced plate costs (plates are only used for white and special inks)
- Mass customisation
- On demand printing
- High speed and wide width compared to other digital printing presses
- Variable data printing
- Using new substrates and print capabilities, such as endless repeat length, non-contact nature of print process, light fast inks, etc.

Consecutive different designs

Digital printing technology has allowed Le Mac to continue innovating with our existing products, as well as introducing new products such as Pole Dancers.

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