Shrink Tunnels

Additionally to Shrink Sleeve Application Systems, we have a range of specialised Shrink Tunnels to provide a high quality shrink finish.

Please contact us for more information on Shrink Tunnels to suit your needs.

Two innovative Shrink Tunnels which we have on offer are the Tornado and Steamer:

Tornado shrink tunnel

The Tornado is the world’s most advanced hot air shrink tunnel, with a patented high air flow section achieves a high quality shrink finish whilst saving energy.

The revolutionary hot air shrinking technology featured in the Tornado is suitable for shrinking sleeves of all materials onto any kind of container, but in particular has the ability to shrink PET sleeves onto empty PET bottles and containers, thus eliminating the need for steam.

The Tornado is designed for heat-sensitive bottles and containers, heat-sensitive food products, moisture-sensitive products (such as powders and cosmetics) and complex container shapes. Each of these are not easily served by tunnels other than the Tornado.

Steamer shrink tunnel

The Steamer is an innovative steam tunnel with an integrated boiler – a “plug and play” solution for shrinking sleeves of any material (such as PVC, PET, OPS and PLA) onto various container shapes and sizes.

The integrated nature of the Steamer means easy installation requiring just power and water. Because of this, it represents a reasonable investment for small and medium enterprises, without the complexities and costs of installing a stand-alone boiler and traditional steam tunnel.

The Steamer features stainless steel construction and is designed for safety. The unique dual chamber design maintains consistent temperature and pressure, and is fully adjustable by the operator to achieve the end result of a high quality shrink finish.

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