Special Effects and Finishes

Take full advantage of the 360° decoration benefits of shrink sleeves by implementing our special effects and finishes:
- Matte and gloss
- Metallic
- Frosted/acid-etched
- Texture coat (tactile finish)
- Glow-in-the-dark
- Simulated blue glass

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Matte and gloss finishes

Create visual and tactile effects using matte and gloss finishes.

Matte and gloss shrink sleeves

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Metallic finishes

Utilise metallic inks for striking visual effects.

Metallic shrink sleeves

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Frosted/acid-etched finishes

Premium frosted/acid-etched finishes can be replicated using shrink sleeves.

Frosted/acid-etched shrink sleeves

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Texture coat (tactile finish)

Le Mac's texture coat achieves a tactile feel for the shrink sleeve, such as the example below which replicates the leather feel of a rugby ball.

Texture coat for leather rugby ball feel on Penfolds

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Using fluorescing inks, your product can light up in the dark or in a black light environment.

Fluorescing inks for glow-in-the-dark

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Simulated blue glass

Costly coloured glass can be simulated using a tranlucent coloured shrink sleeve.

Simulated blue glass

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