Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper evident seals

Tamper Evident Seals are printed or unprinted shrink sleeves with tear tabs or perforations for removal by the consumer. The seal may cover the closure or the full length of the container, and provides visible evidence of product integrity.

Le Mac's beginnings involved the supply of tamper evident seals, having served the Australian pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries with this product since 1983.

Holographic tamper evident seal

To combat conterfeiting, there is also the option of a holographic tear tab.

Application Systems for Tamper Evident Seals which can run at up to 1000cpm are available as a part of our range of Shrink Sleeve Application Systems.

Also see Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeves for shrink sleeve labels with incorporated tamper evidence. Label seals allow you to have a removable tamper evidence section while the rest of the label remains intact.